Not Giving a Fuck is Awesome

Jon Lajoie’s “not giving a fuck” video is his most recent online video. And, as usual, it’s funny as hell. He always manages to work in something clever into the video. See if you spot it. Or, you can just NOT give a fuck and go jerk off or something….or you can NOT give a fuck about that and just lay there with your hand down your pants watching this video. Wait, that’s weird…but hey, who gives a fuck?

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Turtle Has Sex With Boot? Seriously?

Check out this poor turtle trying to have sex with a boot or shoe or whatever. At first this video had me rolling on the floor laughing, and then I just felt so bad for the turtle. Here this turtle is, putting all his passion and heat into…a boot. I … [Continue reading]

Brother Ali – Fresh Air Lyrics, Song and Video

It’s been a long time coming, but a breath of fresh air has just been released…Brother Ali finally has a new album out. He’s been in the game for a little bit, but is only starting to become a little more known. He’s on the Rhymesayers Entertainment … [Continue reading]

Jon Lajoie is a Stay At Home Dad

Jon Lajoie just released a new music video titled Stay At Home Dad. Jon Lajoie continues to sing about everyday life, turning the relatively boring and mundane life experiences into something of a comic masterpiece. What can I say? It’s another hit. … [Continue reading]

Mother Lover Video & Lyrics Starring Justin Timberlake

Saturday Night Live’s SNL digital short Motherlover features Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg, Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson. If you haven’t seen it yet, then you’ll see why everyone’s buzzing about it. It’s pretty damn hilarious and with the … [Continue reading]

Obama Llama Song, Video, Lyrics

Do you remember that song about llamas? If not, the original llama song and lyrics are at the end of this post along with a video of course. Well, the Nerdfighters created a pretty funny parody of the llama song, aptly named the Obama Llama song. … [Continue reading]

It’s Sunday Afternoon Lyrics and Dance Video by Jon Lajoie

It’s Sunday afternoon and Jon Lajoie has completed another music video. This time he’s taking on the dance genre and letting the world know what he’s gotta do on a Sunday afternoon. He’s got strobing lights, hot beats, and hilarious lyrics. Oh, and … [Continue reading]

Like a Boss Lyrics and Video With Seth Rogen

The Lonely Island does it again with another catchy parody tune: Like a Boss. Featuring Seth Rogen, below is the uncensored version of the Like a Boss lyrics and video. You’re guaranteed to be repeating “Like a Boss” after you hear this song…whether … [Continue reading]

Her Morning Elegance Lyrics & Music Video by Oren Lavie

I saw this music video by Oren Lavie and thought I’d share it with you. The song is called “Her Morning Elegance” and the video is pretty amazing (the song is pretty good too!). For more information about the video, Oren Lavie, and the lyrics to Her … [Continue reading]

Gunther – Ding Dong Song – You Touch My Tra La La (with Lyrics)

Gunther and the Sunshine Girls are back with the Ding Dong Song music video. Once again, Gunther is a pimp and he really gets the ding dong going on this one, haha. Okay, maybe not Gunther, but you touch my tra la la…lol, I could keep going, but I … [Continue reading]

Baracky 2 Video – Barack Obama Battles John McCain

Baracky 2 (aka Barocky II) has recently come out, and if you didn’t see the first Baracky you should check it out. This time the creators (if anyone knows who created this I’d love to give proper credit!) used Rocky 3 as the basis with Barack Obama … [Continue reading]

2 Girls 1 Cup Song Tribute (music & lyrics by Jon Lajoie)

The 2 Girls 1 Cup Song by Jon Lajoie is another classic. Jon Lajoie has been cranking out some great stuff lately. Not sure when he decided to hit the online landscape, but I’m glad he did. If you haven’t seen the 2 Girls 1 Cup video, well, you … [Continue reading]

Crocodile/Alligator Bites Man’s Head Off Video!

So we’ve all seen videos of a man sticking his head in a crocodile or alligator or whatever…but have you seen them get their head chomped on? Looks like this guy needs more practice. Watch as this crocodile/alligator bites this guy’s head! … [Continue reading]

Jon Lajoie – I Come Too Fast (Lyrics & Music Video)

After a little hiatus (I assume because of his recent touring), Jon Lajoie has created another music video…(I Come) Too Fast. As you may have guessed, he’s referencing a problem many guys must confront. However, Jon Lajoie layers the discussion with … [Continue reading]

Sand Art Video Presentation From SICAF

This was a presentation done in 2003 at the Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF) in Korea. Watch this sand artist perform to music and create some beautiful images that tell a wonderful story through sand art…He’s practically … [Continue reading]

Computer Friends – Stack the Memory Lyrics/Video by Sniper Twins

Is your memory stacked? Do you have computer friends that can help you with your computer problems? If not, you might need to take some lessons from Seagate and the Sniper Twins. The new video/song is actually pretty good, especially for some … [Continue reading]

Will Ferrell as Jackie Moon – Bud Light, Suck One

One of the most memorable Super Bowl Ads for me is the Will Ferrell Bud Light commercial. Supporting Bud Light and his new movie, Semi-Pro, Will Ferrell plays Jackie Moon doing a mock commercial for Bud Light. The short and long versions of the Will … [Continue reading]

Sarah Silverman’s Great Schlep for Obama

The Great Schlep, Sarah Silverman, Barack Obama, and Jews have a mission this election…to win Florida! So make the great schlep over to Florida and tell your grandparents to vote for Barack Obama! Sarah Silverman has done a great job with this video. … [Continue reading]

Baracky Video – Barack Obama as Baracky or Barocky

If you haven’t seen this, it’s a pretty slick video created in support of Barack Obama, aka Baracky (or Barocky). The Baracky video portrays Senator Barack Obama as Rocky Balboa from Rocky II, while Senator Hillary Clinton is portrayed as Apollo … [Continue reading]

Raising McCain Song is Raisin’ Suspicion

Who said John McCain doesn’t get people excited? John Rich (from Big & Rich) has created a song and video for John McCain that sets out to show that McCain does attract a younger crowd…but will it make a splash? Personally, I don’t think the song is … [Continue reading]