Crocodile/Alligator Bites Man’s Head Off Video!

So we’ve all seen videos of a man sticking his head in a crocodile or alligator or whatever…but have you seen them get their head chomped on? Looks like this guy needs more practice. Watch as this crocodile/alligator bites this guy’s head!

And here’s one where the crocodile bites a man’s hand:

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By Ako on May 29, 2008 | Reply
I watched a program about this man. The croc didn’t chop his head. The man was miraculously saved through his own attempts and mainly the help of his partner. The croc attacked his “trainer” (that’s if you believe that training applies to these untamable beasts) because of the sweat smell. He simply took the man’s head for a meal/prey and wasn’t going to let it go that easily. Let that be a lesson to the morons who put their hands or heads in a beast’s mouth: coming near a wild beast is like playing with a loaded gun with the safety button off. The beast will snap any time and make a lunch out of you…So beware, morons!

By kevin on Jul 17, 2008 | Reply
In the top end of Australia we have crocs that can take a horses head off in a bite, yet stupid tourists still swim in the rivers. I heard a tourist was so badly injured, all that remained was an eyeball. Apparently, the eyeball lives out its remaining days staring out a window in a nursing home, and doctors say it’s now going blind. Poor bastard.

By David on Aug 5, 2008 | Reply
Jesus fucking Christ!! All that remains is an eyeball, and that’s going blind? That’s terrible to hear. I’d bash it flat with a shovel and put it out of its misery.

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