Computer Friends – Stack the Memory Lyrics/Video by Sniper Twins

Is your memory stacked? Do you have computer friends that can help you with your computer problems? If not, you might need to take some lessons from Seagate and the Sniper Twins. The new video/song is actually pretty good, especially for some relatively no-name white dudes rapping about computers, disk drives and what not. Props to Seagate for taking a risk and going with the Sniper Twins…they’ll help you stack your memory to the sky.

Computer Friends (Stack the Memory) Video/Song by Sniper Twins

Computer Friends (Stack the Memory) Lyrics – Sniper Twins

(Typing) Yo whaddup Bangs? (yo) Check out the new beat.

Sniper Twins Presents…

My desktop is the best top,
nothing less but, check my desk bra
killer machine.

That’s a G5 clean and white,
250 gigabyte, gig of RAM,
kill a man, 20 inch screen.

Wanna burn a disc?
How about a DVD?
Wirelessly? Check my P.O.P.

And if there’s ever a problem,
I call my tech man Devon.

Yo, Devon man what you doing tonight?
Come over to my crib,
disc permissions ain’t right.
Check out the back of my CPU,
I got more ports than a wine store do.

Let’s talk mouse,
and let’s talk keys…
blue tooth rays
compute through the breeze.

With my desktop, hey,
I compute with ease.
Think your laptop stand a chance bro?

I’m gonna buy…baby,
a new disk drive…lady.
a 1.5 Terabyte
Stack the memory to the sky.

It’s been a while…baby.
On the 30 day trial…lady.
It’s probably time for us to buy,
hit that PayPal and comply

Come on take a ride on the Super Highway,
Information you’re craving,
Your keyboard’s like a Steinway.
Enter, Escape or print this screen
if your computer freezes up,
hit Control Alt Delete.
You can reboot, reload, restart, and refigure.
Your motherboard’s crashing
while my bandwidth gets bigger.
I bust through your fire wire
with my firewall,
no netware protects kid from this viral.
Get your Norton, your Symantec, and your McAfee,
Got a hailstorm of popups
now you’re mad at me.
OMG BRB Windows Chat is my protocol,
Keep ‘em all in stitches
with my smiley face emoticons.
Like a Robotron I’m gonna stay multitasking,
go to message boards for my class (what they asking?)
Gotta research Rwandan murders and death counts,
better reconnect my proxy server then let’s bounce…

I supply (baby), a new disk drive (lady),
1.5 Terabyte, stack the memory to the sky.
It’s been a while (baby), the 30 day trial (lady),
It’s probably time for us to buy,
hit that PayPal and comply…

I got double your RAM, ask your man,
my home office look like a space ship damn.
Your girls gotta busted Myspace pic damn,
Your whole PC needs a facelift man.

D-d-d-d-d-d-dippin these digits and switching these keys,
What can Brown do for you? send me software for free,
downloading diamond bundles from his FTP,
plugging in plug-ins and VST.
Pre-amp these vocals lay ‘em down on track 3.

(Hey, do you have those reports yet?)

So I’m covering my tracks from the inter-police,
and I’m watching my black making black market beats
with my refurbished amp plugged in USB,
mass-appealing to the fans going P2P.

D&B on the mic and I need more power,
so patch it right in to my workstation tower.
Megahertz pumping through my Pre-Sonus amp,
pumping these beats and kicking these jams.
Fight my fiber-optic cable and ethernet,
my quadruple core processor’s working up a sweat.
Something’s slowing down my system that I can’t even see,
My folder’s full of cookies eating up my memory.

It’s time to buy (baby) a new disk drive (lady),
1.5 Terabyte, stack the memory to the sky.
It’s been a while (baby), the 30 day trial (lady),
It’s probably time for us to buy,
hit that PayPal and comply…

I’m gonna buy (baby) a new disk drive (lady)
1.5 Terabyte, stack the memory to the sky.
Ending Text:
Thank you Seagate for supporting creativity.

Seagate, the world leader in storage solutions.

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10 Responses to “Computer Friends – Stack the Memory Lyrics/Video by Sniper Twins”

By dobodi on Dec 5, 2008 | Reply
dis shit is tight

By notgeekenough on Dec 7, 2008 | Reply
So, like, what’s the significance of 166.2467?

By someone on Dec 8, 2008 | Reply
“OMG BRB when I chat is my protocol,”

Should be

“OMG BRB Windows Chat is my protocol”

By Chris on Dec 9, 2008 | Reply
166.2467 is his IP but its not finished it would like something like , i could be wrong but u don’t get to see the full address lol

By Jesse on Dec 14, 2008 | Reply
these permissions = disc permissions

wi-store = wine store (its a pun)

time for us to fly = time for us to buy

sin wave = steinway ( brand of piano )

break this screen = print this screen

firestorm = fireball

net?? = netware or network

why they murders and deathcounts = Rwandan murders and death counts

I got exhausted just laughing at the sin wave guess. Video nerds aren’t that too far gone, jesus.

By pfunk on Dec 15, 2008 | Reply
Ha, thanks Jesse…It was pretty late whn I was writing those out, lol. I updated the lyrics.

By Calvyn on Dec 21, 2008 | Reply
should be the tech man phone number

By Moden on Jan 3, 2009 | Reply
“Killer, man” not “kill a man.”

I agree with Calvyn, the “IP” is probably a phone number for Devon.

Dunno why you have different lyrics for the chorus, they’re the same every time. “I’m gonna buy… baby, a new disk drive… lady.”

“No network protects GEAR from this viral.”

It’s defly “when I chat, here’s my protocol” not “Windows chat is my protocol.”

“Plugging in plug-ins IN VST.” (VST is a sound app.)

“Refurbished DELL plug-in USB” (I’m actually really sure if that’s right because I have no idea what that means, but it’s defly not what you have right now.)

“DESPITE my fiber-optic cable ethernet”

This song rules =D

By Fabra on Jan 9, 2009 | Reply
Thanks 4 the lyrics

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