Obama Llama Song, Video, Lyrics

Do you remember that song about llamas? If not, the original llama song and lyrics are at the end of this post along with a video of course. Well, the Nerdfighters created a pretty funny parody of the llama song, aptly named the Obama Llama song. It’s a bit long, but there’s an interesting bit at the end of the video that talks about how the Nerdfighters wanted to do a parody of the song, but the creator of the original Llama song said they could only do it on one condtion…that it was pro-obama. So, here you go, yet ANOTHER catchy song about Barack Obama…this time it’s the Obama Llama song:

Obama Llama Song Video

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Baracky 2 Video – Barack Obama Battles John McCain

Baracky 2 (aka Barocky II) has recently come out, and if you didn’t see the first Baracky you should check it out. This time the creators (if anyone knows who created this I’d love to give proper credit!) used Rocky 3 as the basis with Barack Obama continuing to play Rocky Balboa and John McCain playing “Clubber” Lang (who was originally played by Mr. T.). What do you think about this creative effort to boost Barack Obama in the eyes of the online audience?

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Baracky Video – Barack Obama as Baracky or Barocky

If you haven’t seen this, it’s a pretty slick video created in support of Barack Obama, aka Baracky (or Barocky). The Baracky video portrays Senator Barack Obama as Rocky Balboa from Rocky II, while Senator Hillary Clinton is portrayed as Apollo Creed. Whoever did the editing did a pretty good job of splicing together news clips, sound bites, and audio and video from the original Rocky II movie. See for yourself…Baracky video (along with the trans-script and lyrics) is below.

Update: Check out the Baracky 2 movie!

Baracky Movie Video, Barack Obama as Ba-Rocky Balboa

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